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Oceanologia No. 53(1)/2011

Wed, 16 Mar 2011 09:39:56 GMT

Seasonal variability in the optical properties of Baltic aerosols .- Zdun Agnieszka , Rozwadowska Anna , Kratzer Susanne
Flow, waves and water exchange in the Suur Strait, Gulf of Riga, in 2008.- Raudsepp Urmas, LaanemetsJaan, Haran Getli, Alari Victor, Pavelson Juss, Kőuts Tarmo
Meteorological influences on the surface hydrographic patterns of the North Aegean Sea:.- Sylaios Georgios
Changes in Atlantic Water characteristics in the south-eastern Mediterranean Sea as a result of natural and anthropogenic activities .- A. Said Mohamed, Gerges Makram A., Maiyza Ibrahim A., Hussein Maged A., Radwan Ahmed A.
Variability and correlations of shoreline and dunes on the southern Baltic coast (CRS Lubiatowo, Poland) .- Pruszak Zbigniew, Ostrowski Rafal , Schönhofer Jan
Occurrence and germination of dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments from the Red Sea off the coasts of Saudi Arabia .- A. Mohamed Zakaria, Al-Shehri Abdulrahman M.
Development and growth of Temora longicornis: numerical simulations using laboratory culture data .- Dzierzbicka-G?owacka Lidia, Lemieszek Anna, ?mijewska Iwona Maria
New and "visiting" fish species collected off the western coast of Poland (Baltic Sea) in 2007-2008 with a description of their parasite fauna .- Wi?caszek Beata , Sobecka Ewa, Dudko Stanis?aw , Keszka S?awomir


Carnets de Geologie [Notebooks on Geology], Letter, CG2011_L01

Tue, 15 Mar 2011 10:06:25 GMT

Olev Vinn.- The role of an internal organic tube lining in the biomineralization of serpulid tubes.- Most known serpulid tube ultrastructures in contact with an organic inner tube lining do not show the direction in which they developed. But spherulitic prismatic structures found in the innermost part of the tube wall of Recent Crucigera websteri, C. zygophora, Floriprotis sabiuraensis, and Pyrgopolon ctenactis indicate that the structure grew toward the organic inner tube lining and also toward the tube's lumen. Similar directions of growth for this structure are seen in Hydroides sp. from the Miocene of Austria. Growth towards the tube's lumen is opposite to what one would expect if the organic inner tube lining is being used as a scaffold for the biomineralization of CaCO3.- SRef-ID: Handle-ID:


Bulletin of Geosciences, Volume 86, Issue 1 (2011)

Fri, 11 Mar 2011 01:00:00 GMT

* Beloceras, the most multilobate Late Devonian ammonoid.- Korn D, Bockwinkel J, Ebbinghausen V & Walton SA
* Silurian Tetinka Barrande, 1881 (Bivalvia, Spanilidae) from Bohemia (Prague Basin) and Germany (Elbersreuth, Frankenwald).- Kriz J
* Silurian rugose corals from the Kurosegawa Terrane, Southwest Japan, and their paleobiogeographic implications.- Kido E & Sugiyama T
* Earliest occurrence of the Hirnantia Fauna in the Prague Basin (Czech Republic).- Mergl M
* Devonian rhynchonellid brachiopods from the Ougarta area (western Sahara, Algeria).- Brice D, Boumendjel K, Racheboeuf PR & Mottequin B
* Colour pattern polymorphism in Silurian nautiloid Phragmoceras Broderip, 1839.- Turek V & Manda S
* Goniatites Zone (middle Mississippian) ammonoids of the Antler Foreland Basin (Nevada, Utah).- Korn D & Titus AL


Carnets de Geologie [Notebooks on Geology], Article, CG2011_A01

Mon, 17 Jan 2011 09:22:18 GMT

Didier Bert, Gérard Delanoy & Stéphane Bersac.- The Dichotomus Horizon: proposal for a new biochronologic unit of the Giraudi Zone of the Upper Barremian of southeastern France, and considerations regarding the genus Imerites Rouchadzé (Ammonoidea, Gassendiceratinae).- Recent revisions of the genus Imerites Rouchadzé make it possible to introduce a new biochronologic horizon to define more precisely the lower boundary of the Giraudi Zone: the Dichotomus Horizon. Using the concept of 'interval zone', this new horizon maintains the current lower boundary of the Giraudi Zone as accepted by authors, and thus contributes to the stabilization of the Barremian zonal system. This stabilization is also strengthened by abandonment of the use of "Crioceras" cristatus d'Orbigny (nomen dubium) that ought not be used as an index species in detriment of Imerites giraudi (Kilian). The classification, origin, and intraspecific variation of the genus Imerites Rouchadzé are examined.- SRef-ID: Handle-ID:


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