1. News from the Urgonian (and its stratigraphy)
    Sent May 21st 2015

    (Mailing list information, including unsubscription instructions, is located at the end of this message.) __ Dear All, first, if you do not wish to receive further messages from me(I should not send more than one per month in average) do not hesi...

  2. News from the Aptian (and the Bedoulian) Message
    Sent May 20th 2015

    Thanks to Elsevier, the new article of Michel Moullade et al. is now available online with a free access valid until July 5, 2015 Article title: High-resolution integrated stratigraphy of the OAE1a and enclo...

  3. 9th International Symposium on the Cretaceous System
    Sent April 4th 2013

    Hi, the 9th International Symposium on the Cretaceous System is coming very soon (next September) see I am one of the convenors for one of the many sessions there (i.e., Micropalaeontology, benthic foraminifers and algae...

  4. STRATI2013 Message
    Sent February 21st 2013

    Apologies for duplicates, if any! Dear colleagues, STRATI2013, the 1st International Congress on Stratigraphy (the new "formula" and a new name, following STRATI2010), will be held soon (1-7 July) in Lisbon, Portugal. All information is available at http...

  5. GEOL Message
    Sent January 25th 2013

    Dear All, 1st, my apologies for the duplicates (if any) and for writing this message in "English" only 2nd, feel free to leave this temporary list (you just need to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message) This year I plan to attend 3 geo...

  6. STRATI2010 Follow-up
    Sent November 16th 2010

    Hi, the text of this message will be bilingual as it is addressed to both the guest speakers and the chair(wo)men several sessions. Bonjour, le texte de ce message est bilingue car il concerne aussi bien les conférenciers invités que les responsables de ...

  7. STRATI2010 Photo officielle
    Sent September 13th 2010 La photo a été prise le Mercredi 1 Septembre à 14H00 This picture was shot on September 1st by 2:00 PM Meilleurs voeux Best wishes ...

  8. STRATI2010 Speakers / Conférenciers
    Sent August 24th 2010

    Except for the guest speakers, the talks should not exceed 15 mn (plus 5 mn for questions). The slideshow should be on a powerpoint in a Windows(TM)-compatible version (to avoid any technical problems, we recommand you get an extra pdf version of your s...

  9. STRATI2010 Message
    Sent August 24th 2010

    Dear All / Chers Tou(te)s The congress opening is coming very soon (next Monday 8H30AM at UPMC, Esclangon building, metro Jussieu). PLEASE Visit the main site to get the latest information The detaile...

  10. STRATI2010 Message
    Sent July 23rd 2010

    Bonjour / Hi L'agenda des présentations à STRATI2010 est disponible sur The agenda of STRATI2010 is now available at Rappel : un aperçu des jours de...

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