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  1. Geoscience e-Journals / Impact Factor
    Sent November 20th 2014

    Dear Colleagues, if your journal get an IF measurement from Thomson Reuters, I would like you to let me know. PLEASE give me the figures for the past 5 years: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013! In the end, these values should all be plotted on a chart on the h...

  2. Geoscience e-Journals Message (IF, updates, ...)
    Sent November 14th 2014

    Dear Colleagues, I am sending this message to give you some information regarding the "Geoscience e-Journals" portal and webring. I did a cleaning/clearing up of our database and here are the results ... If you are not anymore in charge of a journal, yo...

  3. Geoscience e-Journals Message
    Sent June 21st 2013

    Hi, a short message to remind you to warn us when there is a change in the URL of your homepage, when the webmaster or the editorial team of your journals are changing, ... I have had to fix a number of links to URL updated without any notice to us. I als...

  4. Geoscience e-Journals Message
    Sent January 20th 2013

    Hi, best wishes to all of you and your journals for 2013! GOOD NEWS: We have just passed 60 registrations! Welcome to the new comers =) BAD NEWS: Some members/partners have removed the banner without sending me a notice. Their sites are "suspended" from...

  5. Geoscience e-Journals Message
    Sent February 25th 2012

    Dear Colleagues, you are receiving this message because your journal is a member/partner of Geoscience e-Journals. We recently welcome new journals: Acta Geologica Slovaca [ISSN 1338-0044] International Journal of Geomatics and Geosciences [ISSN 0976-4...

  6. Geoscience e-Journals Message
    Sent July 8th 2010

    Dear Colleagues, Thanks to Jussi, Andreas, Ismar, Josiclęda, Horacia, Bogdan, Helena, Blaž, and others ... for having returned to me. I temporarily suspended 6 journals out of 56 but removed 1 as the publishers/editors signed an agreement with a commerci...

  7. Geoscience e-Journals Message
    Sent July 7th 2010

    Dear Colleagues, I hope your journals are doing well and that they benefited of the links from the GeJ portal/ring. I am writing to you to report a problem I faced when I was attemting to make a live demo of the banner for an editor whose journal might p...

  8. Geoscience e-Journals Message
    Sent April 18th 2010

    Hi, this short message to say that we welcome a 55th journal today. Revista ACTA Geogrŕfica (UFRR) [ISSN 2177-4307] Cheers, Bruno Granier ...

  9. Geoscience e-Journals Message
    Sent March 24th 2010

    Hi, this short message to say that we welcome a 55th journal today. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland [ISSN 0367-5211] Cheers, Bruno Granier ...

  10. A question from the editor-in-chief of the "Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, Serie A"
    Sent November 26th 2009

    Dear All, I am forwarding a question from Andreas Kroh. If you wish your answer to be set with all the answers and forwarded to the list members THEN copy it to me ... Regards, Bruno Dear colleagues, Do you have any experience regarding the usage of DOI...

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