Date: May 21st 2015

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Dear All,

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Second, you are possibly well aware of the harsh debate regarding the dating of Urgonian rocks.
Recently, our team published the first decrypting of a "Rosetta stone" for the Urgonian stratigraphy (i.e., the first scale of Orbitolinids directly calibrated on Ammonites): (in English)
and ammonite data supporting the ages are also available at: (in French)
Today we come with a new synthesis of our finds and a discussion of our competitors' views. Some will complain that the manuscript is in French, but I assume you should be able to catch the message thanks to the many figures and plates illustrating this new "100 page" contribution.
We thank 'Archives des Sciences' and the 'Université de Genève' for the facilites of their open archive service (the pdf file is 27.3 MB to download)

=) Enjoy,

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