Date: May 20th 2015

Thanks to Elsevier, the new article of Michel Moullade et al. is now available online with a free access valid until July 5, 2015

Article title: High-resolution integrated stratigraphy of the OAE1a and enclosing strata from core drillings in the Bedoulian stratotype (Roquefort-La Bedoule, SE France)
Reference: YCRES3145
Journal title: Cretaceous Research
Corresponding author: Dr. Michel Moullade
First author: Dr. Michel Moullade
Final version published online: 16-MAY-2015
Full bibliographic details: Cretaceous Research (2015), pp. 119-140
DOI information: 10.1016/j.cretres.2015.03.004

=) Enjoy reading it,
Bruno Granier

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