Date: February 21st 2013

Apologies for duplicates, if any!

Dear colleagues,
STRATI2013, the 1st International Congress on Stratigraphy (the new "formula" and a new name, following STRATI2010), will be held soon (1-7 July) in Lisbon, Portugal.

All information is available at (there was a 1st circular, but there will not be a 2nd because this website is regularly updated)

There are officially less than three weeks (March 10th) left to submit abstracts BUT later submittal can be considered (up to March 30th) ...

Therefore if you are planning to attend but you know that you will be late do not hesitate to contact me straight forward and let me know what is your intention.

1) for submittal before March 10th, read instructions at
and then go to to register
our Portuguese friends are using OCS the same system that we used for STRATI2010 (if you managed 3 years ago you should manage now too)

if you have any difficulty contact me

2) for late submittal (after March 10th -- on special request only!), read instructions at
a) you proceed as above
b) you contact the chairs (woman/man) of your session, they might help
c) you contact me and I shall try to help. But please be kind and ask before sending your material (abstract) and information directly to me ...


I should be very pleased to meet you (if we never met before) or to see you again in Lisboa (I shall bring free copies of Carnets 2012 DVD).
Best wishes,

Bruno Granier

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