Date: October 4th 2018

Dear Colleagues,

this mailing list facility played its role ... connecting us, all people interested in JK transition topics, before the closure of the "early bird" registration (which was extended to next Sunday!).
Starting from next monday the basic regular fee will be 125€ (instead of 50€) at:
Note that this fee remains "low cost" compared to fees of any equivalent international meeting.
However, due to this closure, there is no reason to maintain this list and accordingly you should not receive any further message through this channel =(

Would you like to keep abreast of the latest developments with the meeting =)
that remains easy through the JK2018 website at:
(or contact me directly).

Today, some 15 national and international organizations are scientific partners of the meeting.
At least 60 researchers, representing 22 nationalities, should attend.
The "Virtual Special Issue" of Cretaceous Research was officially launched few days ago and 2 papers are already available:
F. Schlaginweit
B. Granier
By the end of the month, we should have a preliminary version of the meeting program. So far, on the basis of the abstracts (and provisional titles) at hand it looks VERY promising.

Get prepared!
Best wishes,
Bruno Granier
on behalf of JK2018 Organizing Committee

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