Date: September 25th 2018

Dear Colleagues,

at the end of the week (September 30th!) the "early bird" registration (50€ only, 30€ for an accompanying person) will be closed and the regular registration fee will then rise to 125€ (60€ for an accompanying person).
You still have a few days left benefit of the "early bird" rate when you will complete your registration at:

If you intend to submit an abstract for a talk or a poster please let us know (talk/poster/both=duplicate, provisional title) because we are already preparing a preliminary version of the meeting programme.
In any case, you still have five weeks to submit your abstract(s) at:
[[the last circular is still available at: ]]

Regarding the Special Issue of Cretaceous Research, a Virtual Special Issue, the EVISE® submission system at: is ready for article submission.
To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue you are editing, it is important that you select the name of the special issue when you upload your manuscript:
“VSI: Jurassic-Cretaceous Transition”
First submission date was 19-Sep-2018 (there are currently 2 articles in press); final deadline for submission is 15-Mar-2019 and final deadline for acceptance is 15-Oct-2019.

Would you like to submit a paper in Volumina Jurassica (or Revue de Paléobiologie or Carnets Geol.) please contact us to help with the process.

Should you have any question or face any difficulty feel free to contact me!

Best wishes,
Bruno Granier
Mobile phone number / Whatsapp ++33 (0)6 47 30 67 73
Skype bruno_brest

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