Date: September 5th 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I should contact you very soon with our official call for abstracts* for the JK2018 meeting.

However, today I have a special request for those who intend to submit a manuscript for publication in the "Special Issue" of 'Cretaceous Research' dedicated to JK2018.
We are invited to provide as soon as possible a preliminary list of manuscripts intended to be published there, i.e., a list with provisional titles and names of authors.

At this stage, YOU are invited to return to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with your own project/contribution (and those of your coauthors), i.e., a provisional title and the list of authors.

I look forward to hear from you VERY SOON.
Best wishes,
Bruno Granier

* Note: We have already more than 10% of the abstracts fully validated (plus some more still under evaluation/editing).
You have all of September and October to submit your abstract (and to complete your registration to take advantage of the unbeatable "early bird" rate).

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