Date: February 17th 2018

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Dear Colleagues,
here we are again with some (good) news!

The 1st circular for the "International Meeting AROUND the Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary" should be released by March.

In the mean time, we would like to invite you to GET PREPARED: for instance, think of what your contribution could be*, what you would like to discuss, and what you could eventually present during this "unique" meeting! ... get prepared and let us know**!

* ... regarding your fossil group or your disciplinary approach (sequence stratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy, palaeogeography, global tectonics ...), the region(s) of the world that you study -- in order to present charts --, some key sections or fossil assemblages, in various settings (carbonate, silicoclastics, continental, shallow and deep marine, Tethyan, boreal, austral). Remember that you should focus on the Tithonian, Volgian, Berriasian, Ryazanian, and Valanginian stages, which suggest that you are also entitled to present some information on the Kimmeridgian and the Hauterivian that sandwich the interval of interest.
Some contributions could be selected to form the basis for a special volume in a high-impact factor journal, but there are other publishing options still under evaluation!

** Your suggestions are most welcome.

Earlier this month we have formally set up the organizing committee (local committee in Geneva, CH). It consists of:
Dr Lionel Cavin
Dr André Piuz
Dr Christian Meister
Prof. Rossana Martini
Prof. Jean J. Charollais
Prof. Andreas Strasser
Dr Eric Monteil

We are still building a scientific committee (do not feel offended if we did not yet invite you to join ... on the contrary, feel free to contact us if you wish to be part of it and to candidate!). The main task of the members of this committee will be to review abstracts submitted for the congress in their fields of expertise. Here is the preliminary list of the members:
Dr Evgenij Baraboshkin (Russia)
Dr Eric Buffetaut (France)
Dr Spela Gorican (Slovenia)
Dr Christian Salazar (Chile)
Prof. Andreas Strasser (Switzerland)
Prof. Ismail Omer Yilmaz (Turkey)

Besides the JK2018 mailing list (you are obviously subscribed to it because you have received this message), we have also implemented the JK2018 website at:

This website recently turned LIVE ... which means that you can:
1) register as readers, authors, and reviewers;
2) submit an abstract for a talk, a poster or the combination of both;
3) definitely validate your registration, i.e., PAY ONLINE at an "unbeatable" Early Bird rate before September 15, 2018 [50 € for the 3 days; 125 € with lunches on days 1, 2, and 3; 100 € with lunches on days 2 and 3; after September 14, the fees will be respectively 125, 200, and 175 €; there is a special rate for the accompanying person].
In the event that you will have to cancel your registration, you are requested to do it at least one week before the start of the meeting (before November 29, 2018) or there will be no refund. Because the meeting is billed at COST PRICE, the Early Bird part is not eligible for refund. There may be a cancellation penalty of the lunch part (~10% of 75 € or 50 €), which will be deducted from the refund.
We understand that there are no facility for Visa Card payment in some countries (Iran, etc.). The concerned persons should contact us as soon as possible to discuss/set up alternatives.

We are looking for more scientific partners*; if you are member of a national/international organization in the field of stratigraphy, sedimentology or paleontology, please let them know about our meeting (and CC /carbone copy/ the message to us). We expect our partners to advertise the meeting and, eventually, to be scientifically involved (= we do not really expect a financial involvement).

* To date we have contacted few national/international organizations regarding this partnership. Some should return an answer (hopefully positive) by next month.

We are also looking for (financial) sponsors ... merely to help us inviting a few guests and covering some extras. Here again your network could help ... let them know about the meeting (and CC /carbone copy/ the message to us).

Hotels in "Genève" (CH) could be quite expensive (we shall provide a short list with rates), but there is the option to find cheap hotels at Annemasse (FR) ... the border is only ~10 mn from the Muséum with the Tram line 12 or the Bus line NK. Another option is to look through Airbnb! ...

That should be all for today!
We are enjoying the opportunity of preparing for this exciting congress and look forward to meeting you in Genève next December =)
All best wishes,

Bruno Granier
on behalf of Organizing Committee

Muséum d'Histoire naturelle (MHN) de Genève
December 5, 2018 – December 7, 2018

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