Date: January 29th 2018

Dear All,
here come some important news!

First, our meeting will be held in Geneva /Genève/ (Switzerland), not in Paris (France), as announced earlier. The maximum capacity of the conference room in Paris is for about 80 attendees only ... versus up to 220 in Geneva!

Second, our meeting will be held from December 5th (Wednesday) to 7th (Friday), 2018.

A dedicated website should open soon (you will receive our next message as soon as the site is available online).

We are still looking for candidates /potential members/ for the scientific committee, and we are still open to include more partner associations. We are also looking for some sponsors that could, for instance, help us inviting more guest speakers.

Your questions and suggestions are most welcome ... do not hesitate to contact us!

All best wishes,
Bruno Granier
on behalf of JK2018 Organizing Committee

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