Date: December 13th 2016

Dear Colleagues,
on the occasion of 10th International Symposium on the Cretaceous (see we thought there will be an opportunity to organize an excursion to visit key Cretaceous sites in Drôme (France). Due to the agenda, organisational and technical issues (you know that Drôme is crowded with tourists all summer!), it will not be possible to directly link the excursion to the Symposium (August 21-26; 2017). However, the excursion shall take place on May 17th-19th ... under the aegis of "Groupe Français du Crétacé" and "Carnets Geol." (the list of supporting organisations is not closed!).
Here is a preliminary agenda:
May 17th (half a day) will visit both a Valanginian and an Upper Valanginian GSSP proposals. First night in Nyons (a town well-known for its Roman bridge and its famous olive oil).
May 18th (full day) will visit the Hauterivian GSSP proposal at La Charce, the Albian GSSP site at Pré Guittard, and the Gorges de l'Arnayon with the Jurassic- Cretaceous transition. Second night in Nyons.
May 19th (half a day to a full day) will visit a Barremian section at L'Estellon (with platform material resedimented /calciturbidites/ in a basinal setting).
The excursion will start in Valence TGV (high speed train) on the 17th (by 13:00 or slightly earlier) and end on the 19th (by 18:00 or slightly earlier). It is very easy to commute to a TGV from CDG-Paris Airport (it represents an almost 2 hour journey only) ... it can also be done from Lyon and Marseille but there the train stations are not near the airports.
NOW the most important point: the fee is not fixed yet (it should be circa €300, depending mostly on expected housing expenditures). In addition, please note that the number of attendees might be limited (!). Accordingly you are invited to contact us as soon as possible with a "letter of intention" (i.e., a letter stating that you are definitely intending to attend).
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Stratigraphically yours,
Bruno Granier (on behalf of the organizers)

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