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Last Message: Aptian Message (from Peter Skelton)

Dear fellow editors, authors and colleagues who share our interest in Aptian mysteries, The final piece of the jigsaw for the special issue of Cretaceous Research on Aptian platforms etc. resulting from the STRATI2010 meeting in Paris is at last in place...



dedicated to authors


Berriasian people

Carnets (FR)

Abonnés francophones

Last Message: Carnets Geol. (FR) Message

Message from Bruno Granier Chers Amis des *Carnets Geol.*, nous venons vers vous aujourd'hui avec 5 nouveaux papiers publiés fin 2017 : Notez que nous avons dû faire face à quelques difficultés. 1èrement)...


Carnets Geol.

Liste de diffusion des abonnés aux Carnets

Last Message: Carnets Geol. Message

Message from Bruno Granier Dear Friends of *Carnets*:Chers Amis des *Notebooks*, Dear "Subscribers", since the beginning of the year, 5 to 6 new papers have been published.Chers "Abonnés", depuis le début de l'année, 5 à 6 nouvelles publications ont été éd...


Carnets: Authors, Reviewers, Editors

Carnets: Authors, Reviewers, Editors

Last Message: Carnets: Authors, Reviewers, Editors Message

Dear All, we have been quiet the last months but these days we came up with two new papers authored or coauthored by the editor-in-chief (myself). The new papers are available at and at http://paleopolis....



Liste de diffusion réservée aux membres du Comité Français de Stratigraphie

Last Message: appel à sessions pour la RST

Bonjour, veuillez trouver ci-dessous le message de nos collègues rennais pour la prochaine RST. N'hésitez pas à envoyer vos propositions pour cet événement intéressant! Cordialement, ------------- Chers collègues, La prochaine Réunion des Sciences de ...


CFS (élargie)

liste des stratigraphes "français"

Excursion Drôme (GSSP and remarkable Cretaceous sites) May 17-19, 2017

Dedicated to the Excursion Drôme (GSSP and remarkable Cretaceous sites) May 17-19, 2017

Last Message: Excursion Drôme (GSSP and remarkable Cretaceous sites) - May 17-19, 2017

Dear Colleagues, on the occasion of 10th International Symposium on the Cretaceous (see we thought there will be an opportunity to organize an excursion to visit key Cretaceous sites in Drôme (France). Due to the age...



temporary list (to be deleted)


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Geoscience e-Journals

dedicated to editors and webmasters of Geoscience e-Journals

Last Message: Geoscience e-Journals / Impact Factor

Dear Colleagues, if your journal get an IF measurement from Thomson Reuters, I would like you to let me know. PLEASE give me the figures for the past 5 years: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013! In the end, these values should all be plotted on a chart on the h...


Geoscience Librarians

Temporary list

Last Message: Geoscience Librarians Message (new - nouveau DVD)

Bonjour I have received from the factory the new (2012) DVD of Carnets de Géologie one week ago but I was packing to go to Brazil: I shall send you your copy on my return (after March 23). J'ai reçu de l'usine le nouveau (2012) dévédérom des Notebooks ...



List related to the forthcoming meeting JK2018

Last Message: JK2018 Message

Dear Colleagues, please find attached the template for your abstract (.doc and . rtf), if you intend to give a talk or to present a poster (or both of them). We expect abstracts on eustatical, biological, physiographical, geochemical, tectonic, ... survey...


News from the Urgonian (and its stratigraphy)

Feel free to leave this unformal list if you are not interested by Stratigraphy, the Cretaceous, carbonate rocks, fossil algae or microbes

Last Message: News from the Urgonian (and its stratigraphy)

(Mailing list information, including unsubscription instructions, is located at the end of this message.) __ Dear All, first, if you do not wish to receive further messages from me(I should not send more than one per month in average) do not hesi...




Last Message: Groupe d'Etude du Cénozoïque Message

Florence Quesnel m'q fait passer un document à déposer sur le site de votre association Remarque : il y a eu entretemps quelques modifications d'agenda, je vous invite donc à vé...


Stratigraphy: French Associations



temporary list

Last Message: An international meeting in Geneva (CH) next December

Dear Colleagues of the National Commission for Stratigraphy Belgium, I would like to inform you of a forthcoming meeting: With Swiss colleagues, we are organizing an "International Meeting AROUND the Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary" at the Natural History ...



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